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Do Not Trust Any of the Economists on this List

As I have warned in previous postings about economic propaganda, tonight provides a real time list of individuals who think that spending $503 billion (including tax credits) will “reduce” inflation.

First of all, the “gentleman” bragging about these economists:

The list above in the tweet might look a tad bit difficult to read, so here is the entire letter in its full context so I can not be accused of distorting the letter nor their names.

There you have it folks. Pretty much an average guest list for the Bubblevision networks on any given day declaring openly that working for the Biden Politburo as Political Economists and advocates is the only acceptable way to think about the economy and future.

These are your holier than thou professors, economists, union thugs, and stock honks that think you are so stupid you believe that by expanding the monetary base and spending hundreds of billions of dollar more will reduce inflation.

America, we are screwed.

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