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Don’t Blame Dick’s Sporting Goods for Abortion Tourism

The following commentary troubles my soul, but the truth must be heard.

First and foremost, I quit shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods many years ago when the CEO declared that people who support the 2nd Amendment are persona non grata. The lack of intelligent thoughtful discussion about this issue and instead resorting to the “every gun owner is a potential murderer” says all one needs to know about just what a piece of crap this CEO and his company truly is.

Secondly, I do not support the policies of Dick’s or the other companies mentioned, but I do understand it. Allow me to take five minutes of your time to rationalize why these decisions are being made.

This past weekend, after the Roe v. Wade decision the story broke that Dick’s Sporting Goods and many other major corporations like Disney, JP Morgan Chase, etc. all followed suit by declaring they would pay a stipend for “reproductive health treatment” or other such nonsense to cover for abortion on demand in other states where it is allowed.

From the neolib Fox Business Network(FBN) on Friday, July 24th:

Nike, Alaska Airlines, Dick’s Sporting Goods and others covering travel costs for abortions


However, the corporate world is making it clear it will continue supporting employees’ health care despite the highest court in the nation overturning Roe v. Wade.  

“We will continue, just as we always have, to provide employees with extensive benefits to support your health and well-being, no matter where you live,” Alaska Airlines Senior Vice President of People Andy Schneider said in a statement Friday.

To quote the famous Western Documentary, Blazing Saddles:

Yet the conservative media is fast to blame the corporations for taking an anti-family approach to this issue, as Tucker Carlson did on his program tonight.

The truth is that a Republican is to blame for this situation.

Technically both of them are responsible, but the flaming ChiCom sell out on the left is the one who blocked the repeal of Obamacare. The petulant, hell, petty little man on the left blocked the repeal of Obamacare just to “get political revenge” on President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Obamacare caused these corporations to do this?

Yes, Obamacare.

You see, major corporations with over 99 employees must provide specified insurance benefits to newborns and their parents. And the Democrat Party wasn’t happy enough to just make sure that insurance rates spiked for pregnant women and their newborn infants, oh hell no.


A federal law that guarantees up to 12 weeks of job protected leave for certain employees when they need to take time off due to serious illness or disability, to have or adopt a child, or to care for another family member. When on leave under FMLA, you can continue coverage under your job-based plan.

Folks, I am not a corporate CEO, however I have owned a few of my own companies over my lifetime, none on the scale or size of those referenced in the FBN article linked above. Yet just this portion of the law means that a corporation with dozens, possibly hundreds of employees qualified for the FMLA benefits means that temporary workers will have to be hired, trained, then let go at great expense. This means that there is not only a loss of productivity, but a loss of corporate efficiency in those departments impacted by employees taking such a leave.

But wait, there’s more.

More from

Maternity care and newborn care — services provided before and after your child is born — are essential health benefits. This means all qualified health plans inside and outside the Marketplace must cover them.

Now folks, start doing the hard cold actuarial math.

Which is cheaper? Convincing a quasi-liberal suburban career minded mother/employee that killing her baby is the best thing by offering to pay for an abortion, or paying a decade plus of Obamacare Federally enforced benefits at gunpoint (they do use the IRS to enforce this after all) at ten, twenty, or five hundred times the cost of the abortion?

In the pre-Obamacare days, this benefit was logical and beneficial to the company and the employee because it benefited everyone at a manageable cost.


Killing the infant to get an employee back to productive work is the most efficient route.

Thank you Senator John McCain, the Manchurian Candidate, for blocking the repeal of this baby-killing legislation. And thank you George W. Bush for sucking so much as a President that an avowed Marxist became President thus allowing the government takeover of healthcare to occur.

So as evil as the corporations are for this accounting decision, please, ignore their liberal pandering statements and look at reality; it is really everyone that has supported the RINO’s and Democrats who are responsible for this actuarial sponsored infanticide.

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