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Every CEO that Did this Needs to Be Fired

There is a trend that some weird Chief Executives came up with thinking that their retail outlets needed to become “everything stores” and that would attract more customers.

Considering the number of old people in Florida, especially those 100 percent dependent on government paying for medical care, the idea that putting “clinics” into retail storefronts seemed logical.

Then the reality hit. Before they could even get all of them adequately staffed, there was a nursing shortage and retailers being retailers, they thought they could hire nursing staff via a medical franchisee like a McDonald’s fry flinger.

Thus when Walgreens got rid of their CEO after the nightmare Village Medical experiment which cost a fortune and reduced retail space in all of the stores where the clinics were built, reality started to set in for everyone else.

WalMart followed suit this month, figuring out the obvious, which this author shall rant about in a moment:

Walmart to close all 51 in-store health clinics, shut down telehealth service

To be honest, I do not go to Walmart for that “service” for a reason and to the average shopper, it’s quite obvious.

If anyone travels to a grocery store, which Walmart’s prices make it pretty hard not to, then one does not want to travel around the store with a lot of sickly people. Same for Walgreens, if I want to stop in pick something simple and leave, I don’t want old fart cough and hack in the beer aisle spreading germs while waiting to get into the clinic for his test results.

The moronic CEOs thought it would be great to have sick people intermingling with healthy customers while waiting for medical care and thus boost sales.

Really clowns?

People do not want to mix medical and retail, it’s the stupidest idea since New Coke and the NFL’s new roughing the passer rules in corporate history.

Thus when I see a clinic like that inside of a local store where I buy groceries, yeah, I tend to stay away.

Perhaps someone should have told Kroger which is getting its ass kicked by Publix every time a new store opens in their area that grocery stores are for groceries, not spreading illness to their customers.

Kroger adds senior care in Atlanta-area clinics


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