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Falling Like a 3rd World Country: Southwest Airlines has Cancelled 27% of it’s Flights TODAY

As America’s rapid descent into a Banana Republic continues unabated in Washington, D.C., the infection has spread throughout our nation and its economy. The story from America’s airports today is a prime example (From USA Today via YahooNews):

Southwest Airlines flight woes continue: 1,000 Sunday cancellations … and counting

The blame game was on some seriously absurd reasons from management claiming adverse weather in Florida (uh, no) and issues with the ATC (Air Traffic Control) system nationally. If the excuses offered were accurate, then every airline would be reporting the same difficulties.

Weather? Right……

In the old days, airlines looked to service the public while maintaining safety and profitability. While safety is an old catch phrase, thankfully that has not been sacrificed for profitability; yet. In the mean time, between the Fauci Fascists imposing absurd rules on the flying public, financial issues with most of the carriers requiring constant taxpayer bailouts, and the absurd behavior of the mask Nazis posing as flight attendants instead of having enough skill to become Federal employees doing the same.

The head of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association said it best in this excerpt from the article above:

Casey Murray, president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) blamed the flight woes on staffing and a “poorly run operation.” He said the rate of pilots calling in sick has not spiked this weekend. He said nearly three out of four pilots working Saturday had trips rerouted due to the flight woes.

In other words, management can’t blame its employees so they have to create fictional reasons for their mismanagement. The truth is that flying used to be an enjoyable outing where families would cross the country for a vacation or a businessman to a meeting, and in most cases be treated with politeness and respect. Airlines are overbooking to survive and with little help from bankrupt city an state governments to improve the airports, an antiquated air traffic control system, TSA, and inept management, stories like Southwest’s today are not surprising.

With every passing week the horror stories continue to mount as flying for business or leisure has turned into a dreaded nightmare where the flyer never knows if they will arrive on time, their luggage intact or at the correct destination, or worse, their pet alive or dead.

Today it’s Southwest. Next week it could be United, Delta, Spirit (again), or who knows. Just remember, all of these occurrences are just another indicator of how far our nation and many of it’s corporations are failing and will continue to accelerate into a long term decline.

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