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FinDom? Yes America, It’s a Top

Just, and I mean JUST when I thought things could not get more insane, I open up my news feed.

People celebrating all time highs, nothing that wasn’t expected.

False realities promoted by politicians, ditto.

Wars around the world, incompetent political leaders failing to deal with them like 1938, and of course, insane economic projections and investments.

Then the UK Telegraph comes up with this beauty:

I’m a financial dominatrix – rich men pay me to spend their money’

Excerpt, yes, an actual excerpt:

Harper Thornhill, known professionally as Countess Diamond, is a “financial dominatrix”, catering to the growing number of people, the vast majority men, who pay for the thrill of having someone else take complete control of their money.

While the language is the same – restrained but consenting adults are “submissives” – the services offered by Diamond and others go beyond whips and chains. Often these dominatrix, sometimes called findoms, work entirely online or over the phone and may never even meet their clients, let alone touch them.

The professional dominatrix from Bristol, a married mother-of-two, aims for complete financial control. She orders her submissives, sometimes called slaves, to hand over access to their bank accounts, restricts their spending, controls their financial decisions and takes a healthy cut. It may sound risky, but Diamond, 35, says it’s where the thrill lies.

The people I work with get a rush from losing money, or the thought of it”, she says, “they’re turned on by the idea of giving over everything they have knowing I’m going to take a big chunk of it.”

My question is simple:

Why not just give it to one of the Bloomberg, CNBC, or Fox Business talking heads and lose it without the leather chick talking dirty to you?

Or better yet, do what Jay Powell does and give it to this woman:

Good God ladies and gents, if this doesn’t indicate a global market top is at hand, I do not know what does.

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