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Friday 5/3 12:00 Noon ET on MacroEdge Radio X Spaces: Live, Rudy Havenstein

MacroEdge Radio via X Spaces is proud to present this midday special at 12:00 ET on Friday May 3, 2024 with the one and only Rudy Havenstein.

Link to MacroEdge X Spaces Radio special with Rudy Havenstein

For those of you who do not follow Rudy on X (the old Twitter) to say he is a must follow is an understatement. On the program Friday, yours truly and the MacroEdge team will engage in some larger than life macroeconomic discussion about the Federal Reserve, central banks globally, the economy and whatever else interests our audience and of course, Mr. Havenstein.

Do not forget to subscribe to Rudy Havenstein’s Substack page either because if you do not read his writings or have not listened to his past interviews, you are missing a chance to get a perspective that the “mainstream” rarely if ever attempts to present.

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