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Gen Z and the Millennials Are About to Get a Rude Awakening (Video)

This afternoon, one of my online cohorts re-X’d (?) a video from a Gen-Zer which is far more typical than people think:


Where do I start.

I consult and manage logistics services for private companies needing efficient private market solutions to ensure their production facilities do not fail or miss target delivery dates. This is not like automotive, which I have dealt with from the transportation perspective, where J.I.T. is a “loose” term and considered fashionable, but where missed deliveries due to logistics issues can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions or more.

So when I watched this video this afternoon, I grabbed a vodka tonic, watched it again, and again, then realized this reflects the problems the manufacturers on the West Coast of Florida and more than likely nationally are dealing with.

The “baby boomers” raised a generation of slackers known as millennials, but at least they kept the ball moving with some great tech innovations. Their dream was to create something, own a company, become Tim Cook, Jr. and retire. Then they had kids.

Damn them all to hell.

Generation Z, aka, Gen-Z is about 85% worthless. They do not volunteer for the military like our generation and quite a few millennials. They think that a major in video game proficiency for Grand Theft Auto is a legitimate employment qualification. Talking to the customers I have to deal with, that require both skilled and unskilled labor and the turnover rate on Gen-Z is well over 50%.

But I’m supposed to feel sorry for that idiot in the video above.

This kid in the video below is much, much smarter:

He’s right you know.

If one were to abandon the overpriced, politically correct, overly idiotic colleges to seek a skilled position or internship with a firm, you truly would be four years ahead. After I left college, I was unable to find anything for my skill set not because I was not educated, but I refused to become a minimum wage moron working for the US Government after I learned you have to “know” someone to advance.

Thus why I went into the public economy, a totally different animal.

Gen-Z and most, not all, millennials, do not understand that if one does not learn corporate culture and skill sets, the ability to advance financially and enjoy life at your desired level of comfort can not happen unless you’re an innovator and willing to become an entrepreneur. I’ve been there and done that also, not reaching success at the latter until I was 57 years old and found my niche.

Failure is an education. People refuse to learn that. I did it the hard way and others do not think they have to because they are “entitled” to our lifestyle without any cost or effort.

Thus America is entering a period unseen since the late 1920’s. Am I calling for a “Great Crash” and the usual blather? Not yet. But the lack of a moral, logical, and hard working society of the real citizenry never ends well.

Don’t believe me?

Ask your local Roman Legion soldier.

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