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Hell Yes I am Hoarding and You Should Too

And if anyone thinks that I’m going to apologize and not protect my hoard, too bad, so sad for you.

Even the New York Times tweeted out a story warning about this year’s holiday food inflation:

The news headlines just this month would terrify anyone with an IQ above 90, if only America had more of those souls left in the hinterland:

People are hoarding’: Food shortages may be next supply chain crunch

And that’s from a left-wing media source…

Supply-chain crisis, hoarding products spark food shortages across US

Why groceries are so hard to find and expensive: Breaking down the supply chain issue

‘People Are Hoarding’: Executives Issue Warning on Possible Food Shortages

Walmart is facing shortages of these 5 essential groceries

Local supply shortage causes outage of bread and eggs and sugar, oh my!

U.S. Schools Face Food Shortage

5 Huge New Shortages Shoppers Are Sharing This Week

And those stories are just a cursory search from leftist Google; imagine how bad it really is since they attempt to distort search results in favor of the current junta.

This is why I am warning, again, that it is better to hoard now and feel the hate of thy neighbor rather than moving into a FEMA camp when the shortages really hit home. The supply chain issues are not going to be resolved within the next year, the food shortages are real, and upcoming international conflicts are only going to exacerbate the situation even worse.

Canned food, MRE’s, #10 can survival foods, water purification and if one has the ability to freezer fresh meat should be the number one priorities of any sane individual now. Or one can surrender their guns, take the jab, and get in line behind the blue helmet SOB’s and beg for 1800 calories for their families.

Stock up now as this is the two minute warning, or be prepared to surrender your freedom.

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