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Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Crashes 6.2%

10.24.22 09:55 UTC Update:

The overnight session in Hong Kong was especially brutal with a decline of over 1,000 points:

This bloodbath brought to you by the wild card that the globalist central banks can not control, the Chinese Communist Party. In other words, what few capitalists there are left to participate in Xi’s sideshow in Hong Kong said “no thanks” and hit the exits.

What was fascinating is that this crash was enough to flip the almighty Fed’s pump and dump on Friday with overnight US futures moving from +190 to -140 in less than six hours.

This is going to be a fascinating market to watch this week.

And just for good measure, add this interesting tidbit into the mix:

Call me a skeptic but it sounds to me like China is preparing for financial isolation from the West.

Just like Russia did before their invasion of Ukraine. Get nervous Taipei, very, very nervous.


To say this is ugly is an understatement, especially when the Bloomberg Asia crowd uses the crash word.

There’s a song about this, I believe….

Yup, we’re going to follow this crash. Watch and see as prices in China are crashing more as I finish typing this brief article.

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  1. Bustednuckles Bustednuckles 10/23/2022

    Brace for impact.

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