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I Do Not Feel Sorry for ANY Fuc*ing Twitter Employee That is Fired this Week

It is time to take a break from the insanity.

I had a choice, eons ago, to hang out and work with the “tech geeks” but their type annoyed the living shit out of me. So I took a different path, working within the logistics community first, then the management consulting route not because I got to fire idiots like the Twitter/AOL types you are going to watch in the videos below, but because American corporations have become bloated fat pigs that do not acknowledge where real productivity originates due to personal and political bias.

Thus when Elon Musk entered Twitter headquarters with a kitchen sink today, panic ensued:

Now that he is about to become the “Chief Twit” and that’s going to sink in with pain, let us hope that this is Ari entering the Twitter headquarters.

Man oh man is the next 48 hours going to be a blast. Meanwhile, the memes just write themselves:

The question becomes, why does some late middle aged asshole like me feel like this about a CNBC version of a “successful” high tech company?


  1. They are not profitable in reality.
  2. They are a political shithole hired to carry out hits on not just politicians, but regular people who can not afford to defend themselves.
  3. They banned me because of #2 and I only stated facts that Hunter Biden fucked Ukrainian hookers who were minors and impregnated a stripper then didn’t want to pay for the kid.
  4. See #3 just one more time.
  5. The people who work there have no damned clue what a hard day of work really is all about and think they are “entitled” to this lifestyle despite being unable to produce anything of actual value.

Need proof on #5? Watch this video and if you think it’s appropriate or “precious” go fuck off:

@Jack is off to Botswana where extradition laws to the USA are damned near impossible so God only knows what that stoner hippy freak was up to in his personal life. Hell, he might have asked Hunter for sloppy seconds, who the hell knows.

In my opinion, if Elon fires 90% of the employees and use the rest to shut it down, that’s awesome. The high tech gravy train should be over. And based on earnings reports thus far, a lot of management types and major shareholders agree.

Less cappuccinos, and more profit.

And one hell of a lot less of being a hired gun for communists, globalists, and the DNC.

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  1. ColdSteel1983 ColdSteel1983 10/26/2022

    Hahaha, love it John!

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