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I Leave for One Week and You People Break Everything!

21:40 UTC-

Well, I did sort of warn y’all it would happen:

Market and Global Turmoil, Today Through May 11th

Yup, the Dow Jones barfed up a Bill the Cat style hairball:

Not enough turmoil for you? Check out the Nasdisaster Index:

So even all the declarations by the Junta in DC and the Bald Dude with Plastic Bulls couldn’t put Humpty Dump-the-Market back together again while I was gone.

Here’s your hairball boys, enjoy the aroma as it’s only going to get worse. A lot worse. More on that in tonight’s post with some scary anecdotes from a Chinese engineer, a trucking executive, and our meeting of the minds with others enjoying quality adult products and cigars last week.

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