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I Saw a Very Depressing 2008 Economic Indicator Again

In a memory from 2007-2009, the economic indicator that the mainstream media will never report on has returned.

This past weekend, I needed to make a quick run over to a Walmart in the early morning hours and there it was again, more RVs than normal, but now more people apparently living in their cars. The last time I remember seeing this was in the spring and summer of 2008 where there were literally multiple dozens of cars filled with people living in WalMart parking lots all over Florida as the housing market imploded.

The stories, what little coverage there has been, is scant at best. Then this morning, Bloomberg, of all places published this:

The Spike in Homelessness in US Cities Isn’t Slowing Down

The opening sentence in the story says it all:

Family homelessness in the US is on the rise in an alarming sign of how the increasing cost of goods, the ever-tightening housing supply and the end of most pandemic-era benefits are putting pressure on Americans.

However, it is not alarming or shocking if one understands the implications of persistent inflation over the last two years which has destroyed the purchasing power of the lower middle class and poor in America.

I call this a depressing indicator because I remember what happened last time I witnessed this occurring. The YouTube video below provides some insight as to what people are enduring when they lose everything and can not enjoy a normal life in the Bidenomics economy.

I’m going to go more in depth as to what is about to happen and no, I’m not shying away from a prediction in the near future, but I will go into more detail about how it shall impact everyone in the very near future. The pandemic and subsequent horrific rise in prices was bad enough. Now that inflation is embedded in our economy and the so-called “sticky” inflation shall remain above 4 to 5% for a longer duration, the impact on those who can least afford it will only be magnified.

Do what you can for these people through local organizations and churches. To be quite honest however, to save these poor souls, there is only one painful solution:

End the Federal Reserve banking system now and return to a sound monetary system controlled by the American people.

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  1. PeteForester1 PeteForester1 07/14/2023

    “Sticky inflation…” The stock market is rallying on news of “cooling inflation.” HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN, according to the angry, arrogant, senile puppet in the White House. Trouble is, inflation, having SOARED since Biteme STOLE office, has already done its damage. It’ll take YEARS for wages to compensate! Add to that the fact that all those “FIGHT FOR 15” kids are realizing what we tried to tell them in the beginning; that flipping burgers was never meant to be a career, that raising the minimum wage would drive up the cost of everything, and that in the end, they’d still be making minimum wage. Meanwhile, the list of things I used to be able to afford but no longer can afford grows by the day…

    …Thanks again, loony Left…

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