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I Tried to Warn Everyone in Early January About America’s Transportation Infrastructure Problems

Remember this story?

I concluded that article with this statement:

We are now living the second half of the book Atlas Shrugged. Buckle up, the trajectory gets pretty ugly in the very last chapters if John Galt does not actually show up to save our society.

One month later, I think it is safe to say we didn’t have to wait long for it to get pretty ugly.

Ohio cleaning up toxic train derailment as pollution ‘plume’ moves downstream

Metro North resumes service in New Canaan after non-passenger train partially derails

Texas train derails in collision with 18-wheeler, leaving driver dead

BNSF expects to restore service stalled by Wadena derailment by Thursday

North Louisiana families evacuated after train derails

Train derails in rural Rush Township

Freight train derails in Lake City, South Carolina and blocks multiple crossings

Derailment, power outage leave passengers stuck on Red Line train in Rogers Park

Railroad tracks cleared after Huron County derailment

Train in Alaska derails after collision with avalanche debris piled on tracks

UPDATE: All crossings reopen following train derailment in Pascagoula

Train derails, collides with power station in south Seattle

Just since I penned the article on January 11, 2023. Think about it.

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