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If you are Long Stocks and See this Post You May Panic Now

For those of you who have been long time followers of my blog or old radio show, there is an age old tradition of markets taking a major dump, and by major dump, I mean down the proverbial “shitter” when a certain event occurs either in October, July, or December of any given year.

Due to changes in our world, and stupidity of the ChiCom Virus, I’ve missed this trip for several years now.

Until today. This is a scheduled posting so if anyone thinks I’m replying sober after 5 a.m., you’re dreaming.

And to give the newbies an idea of what happened last time I took a major trip, well:

That’s when I was in the Caribbean fishing, drinking, sunning, wash, rinse, repeat. I didn’t even know about the crash for hours as we were out of range of any satellite and honestly didn’t care.

This isn’t as major of a trip, but buckle up today, December 3, 2021. If history is any indicator, I’ll hopefully hook a Marlin or at least some Mahi and enjoy a great meal with my wife and friends along with some scotch and cigars.

Oh, and yes, the Gen-Z crowd will get margin calls due to a 5% + decline.


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