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Inflation is Hotter than Fried Bacon

In days of future past, I posted up a regular spreadsheet and talked about using the old Dollar Tree inflation indicator. Silly me, that was when the Dollar Tree actually charged only a dollar for everything.

Back in the day, we witnessed a four pack of batteries becoming three, 12 oz. of something becoming 9 ounces, etc. all thanks to shrinkflation. Now that the prices have increased to $1.25 for almost everything (they have a $3+ section now in the freezer), by golly Jay Powell and the Fedneck Band have sung a song and conquered that thar inflation thing, right?


My reader’s eyes are not deceiving them. That’s a whopping 3 ounces of bacon for $1.25.

This translates, however, into a bargain at about $6.70 per pound, far cheaper than most grocery stores for “name” brands like Oscar Meyer (about $8.99 per lb) or Smithfield ($7.99 per lb).

Unfortunately if you notice the label it doesn’t say “hardwood smoked” nor does it say “Made in the USA” on the front. In fact, believe it or not, this product is made in Poland. I’ve tried it and let me just say that our local smoked boar bacon is considerably better, even if some fragments of my 7.62×39 mm get mixed into the pig fat due to a stray round.

I appreciate the Dollar Tree trying to get affordable protein to the masses, hell, I appreciate all of the so-called dollar stores that try to do that. Unfortunately they are fighting a losing battle against this Federal Reserve and corrupt out of control spending government.

Eventually the cheapest things in our stores will be at least Tree Fiddy.

Only the cool people get this.

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