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Insider Video from the Fed Jackson Hole Meeting

Sort of.

Unless you are a Monty Python fan, you will not get it.

Meanwhile, how I ranked them based on that “offensive” posting picture.

  1. Powell: Inflation north of 8.5% on CPI, 20% in reality. Need I say more?
  2. Harker: This tweet won it all:

Yes, oh yes, it does not feel like a recession. Unless you are lower class knave and hear your child crying because they only got 4 pieces of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee ravioli for supper tonight. Stay classy dude.

3. Daly:

She was in the lead, then again she had a 50 point lead based on just being from San Francisco.

If we are all lucky a bear will eat them all or the damned volcano will erupt.

God we are so screwed.

Got long term survival food?

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