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Is the Silicon Valley Bank Bailout Happening now?

Apparently, the chicken has spoken:

Never doubt the chicken.

In reality there are some hints that something is happening:

CNBC reports the following a little over an hour ago:

Fed and FDIC discussing backstop to make SVB depositors whole and stem contagion fears: Source


One way that the regulators would step in would be to create a backstop for uninsured deposits at Silicon Valley Bank, using an authority from the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, according to the source. The move would also touch the systemic risk exception that allows the Fed to take extraordinary action to stem contagion fears.

Bitcoin rocketed higher:

Lastly, it looks like the big boys are not bidding and the FDIC and Fed are trying a shotgun wedding to bail this sucker out with a large regional bank like PNC, Truist, etc.

They are not stupid, they learned their lessons from 2008.

Maybe just maybe everything will be great and e-Mini futures can skyrocket 50 points tonight. Or perhaps there is another bidder joining the regional banks to acquire a large portion of Silicon Valley’s holdings:

Last minute note: Almost $400 of Bitcoins gains are wiped out. Stay tuned for a wild market open in Asia tonight.

Update#2 1635 ET: It’s surging again…

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