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It is Not Just Stocks they Pump, It’s Fascism

Long ago, back when most of the “yutes” who now tell us old farts that investing in crypto is the way to go, that gold and silver are antiques not money, and that Tesla is actually a profitable company based on its auto sales alone and not manipulation of tax credits thanks to Obama’s electric car charity scheme for the wealthy.

The reality is that many of us learned the lessons the hard way as experience is the best teacher. Not every move made in manipulated markets are profitable, nay many are not if one tends to wager that the United States still has a free, open, capitalist system; that’s a fool’s errand as many of us have learned at great expense.

Years ago the assclown which spurred my commentary tonight “allegedly” said he illegally manipulated stocks while head of his hedge fund. Of course because he was already a television personality at the time the SEC did a thorough investigation and blamed investors for his ability to pump and dump stocks. Later on this clown made the statement that Bear Stearns was safe and a buy, only to have it go to zero months later.

Thus when the plastic bull throwing idiot says something, I tend not to hear about it as his network is nothing but one long stream of used car salesmen telling everyone to buy any steaming pile of crap so their funds can unload garbage longs.

Apparently last night, he decided to step into the China Virus debate. And what this moron said is unreal:


This feckless jerk wants to enforce an totally unconstitutional mandate on the people of the United States and illegally use the military to enforce it, even with the growing evidence that the existing vaccines are pretty much useless against the Delta and Omicron variants.

Yet people still take his pump and dump stock advice seriously. Thus this reminder that these people are not on your television screens to help you, the individual make money. It’s about advancing their fortunes and power. If anyone has studied any world history for the past 150 years, one would understand that it’s those that worked with the political elites and perfected a fascist system which allowed the 0.1% to accumulate greater wealth and power than the rest of society at the expense of the freedoms of everyone else.

Mussolini would be proud of CNBS and their host.

Willie Messerschmitt even prouder.

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