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It’s a Bubble, Part 11 (Video)

Time to resume this series as the insanity which people seem to have forgotten about has returned.

The Housing Bubble is back baby, in ways no one could ever imagine except everyone who actually paid attention in 2005 through 2008.

Too bad Americans have such a short attention span along with the Bubblevisions and their desire to make everyone think that prices always go up. CNBC illustrated this best last week:

Apparently John Lovallo has a lot of long positions in the industry, otherwise there is no way he could say what he did on live television with a straight face. The reality is that the XHB (Homebuilders ETF) is in a severe bear market and just bounced like the rest of the market:

The bubble also as seen in the video above shows just what happens, again like 2006, when the Fed floods the system with money and creates economic distortions like these where sellers are now starting to slash prices just to get a nibble:

Then again, many of us knew this bubble was not going to last long before this video hit the ever infamous TikTokInvestors Twitter feed:

Have no fear folks, Jay Powell will be giving his “it’s contained” speech any day now.

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