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It’s a Bubble, Part 19: Insanity Remains Undefeated

After all, have any of my readers tried arguing with an insane person to a logical conclusion?

The post-pandemic free money let’s print and invest in anything, yes including cockroach ready to eat meals, apparently has not had a violent enough conclusion for the human race to learn a lesson; yet.

For example, this beaut from TikTokInvestors on X:

I wonder how much a dog poop coin would make or would I have to wait for a quarterly report on trailing earnings?

Of course with America’s political elites on the ball watching over everything, what could go possibly go wrong with kids getting credit cards and buying imaginary digital currency. Then again, the video below might answer that question for my readers (NSFW).

Poor Jay Powell. He has to make up answers about inflation, employment, and business conditions because his economists are using antiquated models and now he has to listen to Sex Lives of the FDIC while allegedly giving economically related testimony.

Thankfully, there is no bubble.

Good thing this bubbleicious fever hasn’t spread to equities, er, oh, yeah, it did.

This pattern does remind me a bit of Cisvidia now that one mentions it.

Buckle up ladies, payback is going to hurt.

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