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It’s All Falling Apart: New Caledonia Edition

Just when yours truly thought I would have no reason to type these stories because the powers that be and the globalists had the entire world contained, up pops another firestorm.

For those that are geographically ignorant, here is where New Caledonia is located.

This brief posting is for those that do not follow global news, especially from Francophone nations, odds are one is not aware that the anti-colonialist movement that started in Africa is going global.

From Radio New Zealand tonight:

Winston Peters cancels New Caledonia visit amid violent unrest


Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has cancelled his visit to New Caledonia, due to unrest throughout the French Pacific territory.

Peters and a delegation of other ministers were due to visit the capital Nouméa later this week.

Nouméa’s La Tontouta International Airport is expected to remain closed until at least 5pm today (local time).

The violence in Nouméa came as the National Assembly in Paris prepared to vote on a government-tabled constitutional amendment for New Caledonia.

On Monday demonstrations, marches and confrontations with security forces spread throughout New Caledonia with hot points in suburbs of Nouméa.

This is not a good sign, obviously.

It gets interesting as the protests spreads.


About 1 hour ago:

A lot of fire, violence’: Nouméa burns as New Caledonia comes to a halt

From the French Commissioner who oversees the region:

Obviously it is not under control yet. The ongoing rebellion against French colonial rule is accelerating on a global scale.

This new anti-colonialist movement will spread soon to regions around the world, even though “true” colonial rule has long been removed from most regions. Hopefully the United States is not stupid enough to think we are immune from this.

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