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IT’s STILL a Bubble, 2022 Edition: Version 1.0

Where in the Sam hell do I begin?

I shall discuss the recent market action in another thread, but the insanity has not, I repeat NOT stopped. People are still blowing bubbles up other people’s ass, praying like hell that they won’t be the last scammer holding the bag.

So my loyal readers, if you think 2021 was bad, I present 2022, version 1.0. More to follow as the bubbles expand, pop, and increase the national suicide rate.

One more time.

People are spending REAL money, for a cartoon piece of real estate, controlled by a megalomaniac psychopath of a CEO, to trade like real estate with no government deeds, guarantees, or legal protections, to create a market for stupider people who think that buying 10 megabytes of green screen means they are rich and put their own cartoon butt on the property with cartoon cars, cartoon sex with cartoon hotties (who are usually guys or fat chicks), and worse, will probably have to declare it on their income taxes if President Dementia gets his way.

Got it.

Another big thank you to @TikTokInvestors for this reminder:

Meanwhile, let’s check out her definition of “too the moon” for her investment:


In the mean time, the biggest bubble blower of them all, the equity markets cranked it out last month. Er, uh, sort of:

But don’t worry folks; “ever” is not all of that long of a time period and means nothing for technical analysis or long term investors (it does).

Meanwhile in Cryptocurrency land tonight which is much like Covid vaccines as “safe and effective” here’s some interesting bubble news:

In Second Largest DeFi Hack Ever, Blockchain Bridge Loses $320M Ether

Whew. Good thing I’m invested in Ether too. Woah, wait a minute is my $25 investment, now $16 in danger?

On the flip side, maybe our friends at @TikTokInvestors is on to something; from The Verge:

TikTok is feeling emotional damage over the market crash


But once a crash actually happens, so do new types of videos. There are the self-satisfied creators who called the crash several months ago and are using that as clout so you’ll “hit plus for more.” Then there are the smug creators opining about why they’re “not worried about the crash” because “historically markets always rise after a crash.” An absurd number are obsessed with that one Warren Buffet quote, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” It’s used to justify either HODLing (that is, continuing to hold) or going on a crypto buying spree when the market is down.

Perhaps this is a good year to start experimenting with mind altering substances again.

BooYah! Instead give me the TikTokInvestors advice over this clown.

At least I can only lose nickels and dimes versus tens of thousands of dollars.

Remember folks:

A bear market is something no one under the age of 30 has truly experienced. The lesson they are about to learn will be brutal, fast, decisive, and make people worth “millions” on paper into beggars.

THAT is reality, and it is coming hard and fast.

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  1. Glock 7866 Glock 7866 02/04/2022

    The chances of Doge Coin reaching anywhere near a dollar are about the same as Biden having a coherent thought.

    • John Galt John Galt Post author | 02/04/2022

      Odds are Doge hits $100 before Xiden says something in a complete sentence.

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