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Leave the Big Cities: NOW

If the plandemic has taught us anything, large American cities controlled by neo-Marxist Democrats are the least safe place to raise a family, run a business, or even to pass through on the way to another destination.

For example if a sane American citizen attempts to defend themselves against a hoard of angry rioters, odds are the citizen, not the protesters, will face the wrath of a leftist District Attorney because in the new modern political realm one is supposed to sacrifice their car, their family, or even their lives for the “cause” as the narrative goes.

New York City and San Francisco are prime examples of what I am talking about. Recently overrated comedian Michael Rapaport posted the following on Twitter:

Not even one week later, he’s acting surprised that the very same Rite Aid in Manhattan is shuttering its doors due to over $200,000 in mass shoplifting losses:

Actor Michael Rapaport returns to his NYC neighborhood Rite Aid, days after filming thief stroll out with bags of stolen goods, and reveals how shelves are now ALL empty because ‘everybody stole everything’: Store closes and staff are out of work

Mike, those of us in the evil Red States can sum this up for you:

Your pals in the Democrat Party have sustained two decades of condoning lawlessness and immoral behavior. The Republican Party has helped this process by becoming the party of simps, refusing to take a stand in many places and do what is right by surrendering America for profit.

What did you think would happen?

America’s major cities have become the “shit holes” that many of us have seen evolve since the 1990’s. I remember calling on a client in Los Angeles during the mid-1990’s and asking why they had twelve foot walls with razor wire around their complex. The manager’s reply was stunning; it was to prevent his employees from being wounded due to gang related gunfire in the area as it had happened before.

The deterioration of America’s major cities as I posted The Death March of America (Videos) has been documented for the past two years as a shocking decline to some, totally expected by people like myself. The lack of coherent, logical policies to prevent this fall in addition to an education system promoting a globalist agenda of centralized government and control has accelerated the evisceration of these communities. Of course God forbid personal responsibility be taught by either the liberal parental elites or the schools because that would mean an education with a “moral” center, something the communist leadership will not allow.

Thus I warn, one last time, get out NOW. You will not be safe. You can not protect yourself, at least not legally in most cases. Your economy in these cities will continue to decline at an accelerating pace.

Meanwhile the rest of us are too busy trying to hold off the hordes of leftist loons trying to change our communities to give a damn to help these cities. If you stay there, do not complain to me.

You were warned years ago.

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