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Metacide: How Facebook Went Womp-Womp

Today’s quarterly report from Facebook, aka, “Meta” was absolutely awesome.

If you were short.

Needless to say the idea of selling fake sex, via fake real estate, the fake rape via fake sex and fake real estate, and fake grocery products may not be such an improvement over the dinosaur (aka, “boomer” version) of virtual reality, Second Life.

What do I mean by fake rape?

Check this story illustrating that SMOD needs to hit sooner, rather than later:

Woman reveals ‘nightmare’ of being ‘gang raped’ in virtual reality

Without going into the stupid details, let’s review the Facebook proposed version of events possibly used as a defense in court:

  1. It’s a cartoon.
  2. It’s a cartoon.
  3. Slut cartoon biotch had it coming.

Even a Hunter Biden defense attorney or Michael Avanetti could win that one.

But the quarterly report was a bombshell:

And the “miss” after hours?

Apply a lot of cream.

So how are the futures markets reacting at about 9:30 p.m. ET tonight?

There is not enough butthurt cream to go around for the “bulls” tonight.

Add in the crypto smacking and tomorrow could be correlation Thursday:

That could leave a mark if we see a 5% plus decline in BTC, but that’s for tomorrow.

IN the mean time, one more time:

  1. Metaverse is a cartoon.
  2. Metaverse is a cartoon.
  3. Facebook users are dying off boomers, just like MySpace users.

Creating value out of “cartoons” is a myth, and until a major liquidation of the stupid occurs financially, this will continue as the farce that it is.

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