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Not a Great Day for America’s Bubblevision Channel

How does one address today’s markets without viewing the entire day in context?

It started off all fun and games with Andrew Ross Sorkin interviewing some typical market tout and her dog barking in the background. That part I can truly sympathize with because it’s been happening forever since the China Virus hit mainstream television.

Apparently that stirred someone off the throne or out of bed during the live shot:

As a middle aged man in less than game shape, sorry folks, I feel bad for him. Even if his name is Jerome. Or Powell.

It got worse as the day marched forward with the Bald Headed fraud machine opening the NYSE as he moved his Ponzi Scheme (allegedly) into the exchange:

Awesome. Great. Now he can throw plastic bulls at the computers on the floor when the trades do not go the way he rigged, er, set them up.

He does have a great track record however of performing the opening bell act and his consistency is amazing:

Thank you @WallStreetSilver for keeping me entertained with your posts.

Of course he told the market participants who follow him after a massive 500+ point intraday bear market reversal to hold, hold, hold.

Or something.

Uh, this is the guy who said to hold Bear Stearns just before it crashed and burned.

And keep this in mind, the nightmare bear has yet to even crank up as we are still in the early 1970’s if this game is playing out parallel to the last time we decided to destroy our international standing as the world’s reserve currency.

Buckle up and remember:

Follow the Pelosi/Powell Hedge Fund for investment and advice and short everything Jim Cramer says and we just might pass each other one day on our sailboats in the BVI.

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