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Nothing to See Here June 2022 Edition

Just some random headlines and stories, Tweets, and videos that might just make anyone wonder if the rumors of a suddenly necessary great reset just might be true…

Thousands of cattle suddenly die in Kansas, officials say. Heat is to blame

Now explain cattle not dying in Florida, Hawaii, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Texas from heat.

Russia-Saudi relations “as warm as the weather in Riyadh”, Prince Abdulaziz says

Now I need someone to explain how Russia is still a pariah in all of the world according to Senile Joe but in reality has great relations with everyone but Europe, Ukraine, Canuckistan, and the US.

Russia’s biggest natural gas field is ablaze

Good thing energy prices are so low. Oh, wait…

From the “inflation is good for Americans” file:

For some strange reason, I don’t think the chick with the inflation problem agrees with the Bezos Post.

This will end well heading into another housing crash:

Nothing bad could happen as a result of this, right?

Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows fails to meet lender margin calls

Meanwhile, in Cryptoland….

Good news, the NATO members want to talk to Putin!

Wait a minute, I thought, uh, what?

After 20 hours of talks, will Macron-Putin dialogue deliver?

Uh, what?

Macron says he has spent at least 100 hours in past six months in phone talks with Putin

Maybe Macron’s she/he/they/wife/partner/affiliate is named Putin? Asking for a friend.

Apparently the global education on the housing fairy unicorn is not as widespread as originally thought:

I guess being thankful this isn’t like 2008 is a good thing?

Yup, this is real…

Amurica sure elects the smartest and, uh, whatever.

I don’t see anything of consequence here so sleep tight everyone.

On your bed of gold and silver coins.

With firearms and lots of ammo in the closet.

Along with freeze dried food stuck in all the nooks and crannies.

You’re going to need it.

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