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One Week Into the Hollywood Strike: Does Anyone Care?

Oh my God, the tragedy, the heartbreak of boys, girls, men, women, undecideds, alphabet people is spreading across the land far and wide.

Not really, but those arrogant purveyors of self-importance would have everyone in the world believe this.

On July 14, 2023 the Screen Actors Guild joined the screenwriters to create the first Hollywood shutdown in 63 years. The threats from these individuals that they would change America’s cultural landscape by denying the masses their presence and brilliance on screen be it television or the silver screen would create an artistic vacuum. Their suffering is for you after all.

For the movie studios, it could become a great relief valve, allowing them to save money and quit churning out loser woketard movies which cost tens of millions of dollars and cause political boycotts against their business.

As for the masses, the results from Netflix seem to indicate that Hollywood thinks its importance is far too overrated and that they are more of an impediment than a benefit to the bottom line. For example, Hollywood is on strike, right? Squid Games II is coming up for release with zero Hollywood actors, zero Hollywood directors, zero Hollywood screenwriters and Netflix will rake in tens if not hundreds of millions without one iota of help from the same people who probably still think Blackberrys are cool (they were, and yes I miss mine).

Without getting into the political or cultural nonsense, there is a realistic financial consideration to view when reviewing the Hollywood strike and why it will fail.

During the post-apocalypse economy of 2009-2012, the world shifted dramatically in favor of a more centralized solution to all of the world’s problems. The left successfully cast “capitalism” as the mass murderer of everyone’s jobs and investments when in reality, it was a joint central banking, Wall Street, and government cartel which would have made the Mafia blush. By doing so, the extreme left which held power over the media, government, and higher education sought to develop a new style of programming, similar to that of the old USSR and Eastern Bloc.

In the interim, the Marxists were blocked from succeeding completely, but the great test of their newfound power would not arrive until 2016. Thankfully, they failed as Donald Trump ascended to the Presidency and bought America three very hard years against the left, but gave freedom one more chance.

Then the Great Plandemic of 2020 hit. I was busy with everyone else studying the history of pandemics in America and the world and watching the media promote videos and pictures of Chinese families being welded into their apartment buildings and pets being stuffed in garbage bags and burned as they were a perceived threat. America descended into a darkness under President Trump, a well known germophobe, with the mechanisms of freedom surrendered by him to the greater bureaucracy of the government, along with a tyrannical medical fascist model based on 1930’s Germany.

In the end, this cost Trump the presidency and his chance at re-election. Independents who still believed in the “media” and the Hollywood crowd ignored and promoted the idea that a dangerously corrupt and senile old man would be a successful leader of the free world.

The truth is that the failing media, dying a slow, painful demographic death because of their inability to embrace the technological revolution, was hoping for a government bailout and total government control of all broadcast medium; be it radio, television, satellite, or via the internet. The reality for Hollywood was much the same. The idea that making a more pro-leftist propaganda based grouping of programming was far more appealing; especially if the government would help finance it and promote it via the powers in the Federal apparatus.

This wish has not gone away as the major studios continued since 2021 to pump out dud after dud, money losing programs, films, and worthless entertainment that only entertained the elites and failed to indoctrinate the masses.

The gamble with this strike is that eventually, with the hopes of the pro-communist powers in D.C., a move where the masses will assemble and demand action. Pushing the government to seek regulatory oversight over all productions and demand reforms which favor their political ideology while silencing the voices of the so-called extremist right.

No one cares about the Hollywood strike, nor should they.

However, sane individuals, especially those that prefer the rule of law and American Constitution, should keep a weary eye on what government does next to salvage their propaganda machine.

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