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Prepping Goes Mainstream Again: Ruh-Roh

This is so cool.

And so totally, uh, not cool.

The news stories in the mainstream media are suddenly appearing again and I do not think it is because of a stupid solar eclipse which will cause cats and dogs to sleep together, Republicans to date Democrats, Biden to sound coherent, and Satan to make a guest appearance on “America’s Got Talent” as a twelve your old girl singing opera.

I hope.

Here is just a snippet of the stories that I am talking about:

US ‘prepper’ culture diversifies amid fear of disaster and political unrestReuters

Expert survivalists recommend stocking up on these emergency kitsNY Post

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse? This house for sale in northern Wisconsin is for youMilwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Billionaires’ Survivalist Bunkers Go Absolutely Bonkers With Fiery Moats and Water CannonsThe Hollywood Reporter

Mark Zuckerburg Is Reportedly Building Himself a $270 Million Survivalist Compound in HawaiiThe Robb Report

And on and on and on and on with the usual suspects in talk radio and OMG we are all going to die projections promoted to sell products and scare the public.

Before I go on my rant about a subject that many have been hammering since the late 1980’s, allow me to address Mr. Zuckerburg as if he would ever listen to me. Hey, dumbass. Hawaii has volcanoes. I’ve been there. Your air shafts will get clogged with ash and you’ll be sealed in a tomb if the lava approaches and covers your compound.

Good luck with that.

Rant over.

And yes, even the movie industry has started to promote this concern for the average American with a movie coming out next week, Civil War:

And in the Netflix movie, Leave the World Behind

Which of course brings everyone back to this old classic from my original radio days, Jericho:

Monday’s solar eclipse will bring out the finest idiots in American culture, that I can promise you.

However, Monday is also going to mark the end of Ramadan, during a solar eclipse, with the Middle East already prepared to be set on fire by an Iranian retaliation against Israel.

There is no way to validate, verify, nor confirm activity in Iran. Even the US and NATO insanity brigade does not have that capability beyond satellite verification because of careless deployment and losses of human assets inside the country.

Hence, take all these videos with a grain of salt, all the bluster also, until something happens.

But let’s go full circle as the idiot junta in Washington, DC likes to say.

The truth is that suddenly, much like 1999, much like 2008, and now, there is a growing concern about the ability of the United States to survive as an ongoing concern. Does this mean that our once great nation is about to fail and collapse?


The economy is built on stilts with termites eating away at the foundation.

Our political system is so corrupt that the Roman Senate would have laughed in envy if they could see what our “Republic” has become.

And now the same government is trying to tell us that eggs at $3.91 per dozen is cheaper than eggs at $1.07 per dozen.

I’m not diminishing prepping, hell, one could tell by my Amazon Affiliates program to the right of these postings that maybe, just maybe, I’m encouraging it. The reality however is that prepping, survivalism, or maintaining one’s current standard of living in a TEOTWAWKI scenario is not just a purchase of products.

It’s a mindset.

The psychological implications of a civilization collapsing and changing, be it the Roman Empire, Spanish Empire, Mongolian Empire, or yes, the British Empire is a shock to the citizenry. Most of those individuals within those nations or empires were ill-prepared for the consequences of collapse.

The United States is no different.

So please, I encourage, hell, I pray you prepare. Get your family ready even if it means just going to the Dollar Tree and buying four cans of $1.25 Spaghetti-O’s and some Sterno as one can afford it.

The truth is that the mainstream media is only reflecting, not reporting the weather forecast. There is a storm coming and I fear that 90 percent of the public is unprepared financially, psychologically, nor personally for what is about to come.

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