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Real Inflation Data Courtesy of the Federal Reserve

While many economic news websites focus on the “shocking” bullcrap data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics today of a 7.5% CPI-U annualized inflation rate, the truth is that it is far, far worse.

Anyone who wishes to buy a home, rent a property, buy a car, go to school, buys gas, groceries, or get medical attention, etc. knows this.

The Federal Reserve will never make this number massive public knowledge because measuring inflation in a similar non-hedonic politically manipulated manner means the entire game is up.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve is just so kind enough to provide that date with their Sticky/Flexible Price series with records dating all the back to the 1970’s. Thus to be fair to Jimmy Carter and Senile Joe, here is the current REAL inflation rate as measured by the Federal Reserve in an apples to apples comparison:

via Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Remember, this is the Fed’s data, not John Williams of Shadowstats (more accurate) or any so-called “fringe” website that the mainstream “financial” media dismisses out of hand.

This is America’s new reality.

And as such, it’s not if, but when the US dollar implodes. Thus when actual price data like this appear:

Bad? The problem is everyone says it is “transitory” but unlike those of us who deal with raw materials, semi-processed goods, and goods used in final production of finished products, the reality is that data like this below indicates that Charlie knows, like the rest of us, that thew phrase “transitory” is 100% pure unadulterated bullshit.

And just to add, Lumber was limit up again today. Not counting what is going on in the base metals, most individual Americans have zero clue what that means to their lifestyles. The truth?

Total economic collapse after the final rapid acceleration of inflation to north of CPI-U numbers of 14-15%, Atlanta Fed Flexible Inflation numbers north of 25-30%, and then a deflationary implosion where the “transitory” becomes a despotic monetary collapse.

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