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Real Inflation Hits the Grocery Stores Hard

There is no reason to post redundant charts that are posted at Zero Hedge, on Twitter, the FRED website, etc. There is no reason to rant about Senile Joe’s incompetence, the corruption of our financial system and central bank, or how the supply chain is breaking down.

The reality is that inflation, not hyperinflation as some are hyperventilating, with an extreme rate of change is the hardest tax on the poor and of course, the middle class sheeple who are not prepared. The fools look at all time highs in the stock market, their 401K’s and think that “wow, what a great rate of return at 7%!” Then minus a real inflation rate of 14.7% the idiots eventually realize they are losing more money at a faster rate.

That is the hard core truth.

So today, finally at home for a few nights, I open up my email and read the local Publix ad. For those readers of mine not familiar with Publix, it is a privately owned grocery chain based in Lakeland, FL which has seen not just major success, but extreme success spreading its ideas of good food, decent prices, and excellent customer service throughout the Southeastern United States.

The top of their flyer for this week though had a stunning announcement:

No rain checks, no big deal, it’s been that way for a while. But “purchase limits” on key items, holy smokes.

The United States is going full metal Weimarica.

Bidenomics is making Carternomics blush.

Sadly, the least prepared and able to prepare in our society will pay the price for the arrogance of the elites as usual.

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