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Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg Claims Shortages Due to Biden Ending Recession

There’s propaganda, then there is monumental stupidity.

Mayor Buttplug has to be the most overrated idiot in American politics and that’s saying something considering the drooling senile fool at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the moment.

First was the numerous media reports about his “paternity leave” to explain why he was not working during the greatest era of transportation issues since World War II. America’s ports are knotted up across the nation, air traffic controllers are walking off the job in protest of the fictional vaccine mandate, oh, and by the way, airline delays are mounting due to silent protests over the fictional vaccine mandate also.

Mayor Buttplug’s response? He’s offended that people were offended by him taking time off during the crisis.

Secondly, the media reported the most absurd thing ever, which is hard to do. The supposedly “right wing” New York Post reported it as such:

Besides several recent television hits, Buttigieg has been a stay-at-home dad Politico reported — out on paternity leave for nearly two months amid the spiraling crisis to spend time with his husband and two newborn babies. And the Biden cabinet secretary plans to continue to give them home support in the coming weeks, the report said.

These are not “two newborn babies” despite Politico’s and the New York Post’s spin for those two poor children to be. These are two children adopted by two gay men and unless biology has been changed somewhat drastically since I was in high school over four decades ago, two men can not procreate a child.

But I digress from the obvious.

This blithering idiot actually said the following on #CNNisFakeNews with #CNNFakeNewsReporterTapper today:

Senile Joe guided the economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession? Does Mayor Buttplug even read his own leftist propaganda sources in D.C.? For example, Biden was not even President when the recession ended:

The recession officially ended in April 2020

America is being led into the abyss and Jimmy Carter must take his teeth out every night just to laugh so he doesn’t spit his teeth across the room from laughing so hard. There is zero chance anything these people say or do will help the current economic, inflationary, nor security situation for our nation.

It’s 475 AD ladies, are you ready for 476?

Got preps?

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