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See, I told You So: Twitter

The record on predictions might just make me dig a bomb shelter somewhere near the 14th hold near my home. I wonder if the duffers will notice?

Breaking News today (for those not paying attention to my blog) via CNBC:

Elon Musk notifies Twitter he is terminating deal

If you are shocked, you’re not paying attention.

From my blog on July 4, 2022:

20 Quick Predictions That will Terrify the Equity Markets

This prediction just came true but not quite to completion; trust me the rest will follow:

1. During one of July’s bounce back rallies, Elon Musk liquidates his position in Twitter and files with the SEC to notify shareholders and the public he is withdrawing his bid for the company. After withering criticism from everyone on the social media website and in the financial media, he follows up that announcement that he is quitting Twitter as a participant also sending shares far below $20 per share.

Let’s review:

July bounce back rally: Check

Elon Musk terminates agreement: Check

Elon Musk liquidates position in Twitter: Wait for the SEC filing to become public.

Pretty damned good if you ask me.

Excuse me while I hug myself.

(P.S.- Sorry for the piss poor photoshop headline pic)

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