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So What IF the Doomers Are Right this Time

04.05.20 22:40 ET

Here we go again…

Almost as on schedule, about every 5-10 years the American public gets the ultimate doomer story. In 1995 it was Ruby Ridge and Waco, indicating that the Clinton administration was about to kill all Christians and patriots who disagreed with the government. Hell, who can forget all of the stories about the “Michigan Militia” being a threat to the Republic?

Then it was Y2K, 9-11, the 2008 financial crisis, Obama’s anti-American rule, the Federal Reserve, etc., etc….

The question that has yet to be answered by the mainstream propaganda media, the blogosphere, or even the “prepper/survivalist” websites is this:

What if the Doomers are right this time?

For over two decades plus, most individuals who have purchased firearms of any type, MRE’s, freeze-dried foods, amateur radios, barrels for water of for storing grain, etc. to prepare for years of a major collapse of civilization have been mocked, laughed at, and told they were clueless.

Until last month.

All of the sudden those who had food, had face masks and other gear, firearms and ammo, and the preps to “hunker down” for any time period from 3 months to forever looked pretty damned smart, even according to the left wing media:

Pa. survivalists have been prepping for a disaster scenario like coronavirus. Now, many feel vindicated

So what should terrify everyone in the civilized world is that just over 3 months into this crisis the “doomers” are looking pretty good right now. How?

I. Economic Reality

The entire world looks like it is entering into an economic depression. Unlike the last Great Depression, the West is weak, wimpy, and susceptible to the whims of a dynamic political leader promising the impossible; a solution to the crash which restores the former “new normal” that makes everyone close to whole.

The reality in the doomervision is that those of us who studied history realized that the way of life everyone enjoyed on February 1, 2020 is not going to exist again for at least a decade; if ever again in most of our lifetimes. The bill is due for the largest credit party in history.

The economic dystopia many have feared of a credit and debt infused economic reality is about to be paid not by “our children” as the political and financial elites tried to sell to the masses, but to everyone. Regardless of age. And the pain will be immense with a 20, 30, or perhaps even a greater than 50% reduction in the global standard of living.

The consequences of that will shift the world off of its current geopolitical axis and spread misery among a population used to the spoils of wealth and economic power.

II. Geopolitical Disruption

The loss of hope will extend to the political systems not just in the West, but in nations like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, India, and worst of all, China. The results will be a far more militant outcome in some countries where as in others, disruptions will continue for years without U.S. and Russian meddling as the coronavirus weakens the ability of governments to intervene and disrupt the flows in the direction of democracy or fascism.

The wildcard in the global equation is China. Should a more militant communist dictator emerge if Xi loses power, all bets are off as to how the global situation turns out. War might become more common place and as a result, Western powers might shift to more authoritarian figureheads to lead their nations should a major regional or global conflict be on the horizon.

In addition to that factor, the rise of the acceptance of the domestic police state could have far reaching reactions of blowback which destabilizes domestic governments and economies even further.

III. Beyond COVID-19, Famine, Rationing, and Desperation

The economic collapse will lead to several things that people never considered. Watching one’s parents lose everything of value they saved for, their homes, their retirement funds and pensions, plus ability to maintain some semblance of a middle class retiree lifestyle will upset and anger many younger souls; especially those counting on their parent’s inheritance for their retirements.

Add in the fact that food shortages will eventually require rationing far beyond what our nation is seeing now:

Costco limiting amount of fresh meat items each customer can purchase

Kroger limits customers’ meat purchases in Columbus-area stores

King Soopers, City Market to limit purchase of some meat products

And that’s just a sample of the news from Monday of rationing without government oversight or legal backing. Imagine what happens when and if government rationing of food and goods begins.

The desperation many will feel is unreal. It will not be widespread at first, limited to larger cities but as the logistics system in our nation continues to deteriorate, it will only get worse, eventually requiring a strict government based rationing system should the disease not abate.

Of course one could just click on and re-order, right?

If you didn’t before March 10th, you’re too late. As that plant which makes those meals plus Hormel Chili is now shut down due to a COVID-19 outbreak. Add in all the other food processors and one can see the problem is now about to expand exponentially in the next 60 days and our government only has the “FEMA” plan to respond.

Should a Second Wave of the pandemic hit with a mutated virus, martial law will be demanded not just implemented. The citizenry will expect our military to feed, cloth and protect the masses as they are too irresponsible and lazy to do so themselves. The victim mentality will become the “in” thing, and those who disagree will be condemned as the doomer “patriot” anti-American crowd. Sadly, should civilization deteriorate further from that, all bets are off.

Once the panic phase of famine hits on a global scale, the rebellion phase is not far behind. Where those who planned ahead are attacked for their hard earned goods or where governments just confiscate those goods and accuse the “preppers” of “hoarding” in violation of some local abstract unconstitutional declaration and use guns to steal one’s goods.

For those who think it can’t happen here, it already has where capitalists who planned ahead were accused of hoarding and price gouging.

Let’s pray the doomers are wrong again, but God help us if they are right. As our nation, and the world, will never be the same.

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