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The 2023 Stock Market in One Chart

No, I’m not going to give boring, in depth technical analysis. My readers do not pay me for that.

No, I’m not going to explain, again, how Powell is an idiot however I will be writing a LONG dissertation on the Fed’s insanity this weekend.

No, I’m not to claim gold is the big winner (yet).

However I will remind everyone that this movie is old. It’s a remake. It sucked before, it will suck soon now.

Weird as old Elton is, he’s one of the greatest.

Speaking of weird, here is a NASDAQ chart from late 1999 to early 2001:

Needless to say many of us “old guys” have seen this. It started in 2000. It repeats with different names, different “mega tech” stocks.

Crap stocks, with crap technical formations, with crap fundamentals, and crap earnings. A sock-puppet dog with a microphone would like to offer some opinions on this to the “apes.”

App Store ain’t gonna fix this.

Tom Lee did not approve of those headlines.

But don’t worry, Jim Cramer has turned bullish!

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