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The Apes Are Angry

Or was this just another in the long history of bad movies produced by Wall Street?

AMC the much ballyhooed message board stock which had their CEO selling into rallies recently, has now completed a full round trip after one year from being dead money to a meme hero stock, and now, back to reality.

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It is not as if this was easy to predict. While watching the Bubblevisions this morning, the “analysts” all stress the narrative of “earnings” and ignore the geopolitical and economic disruptions which are destroying the real economy on a global scale outside of their glass palaces. Just remember, every one of these networks have a product to sell and that is to convince the masses that the “brilliance” of their guests means you have to buy their crappy equities to keep their whales happy.

One day, perhaps, people will start learning history instead of repeating it. Meanwhile, AMC appears to be heading for single digits as the movie industry is more concerned about producing propaganda than providing entertainment for the world by getting more woke and going more broke.

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