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The Banking Crisis is A LOT Worse than Reported Earlier

Now you can panic.

Just about 3 hours ago, I reported on the letter from the mid-sized banks to the FDCI basically asking for a blank check. Then tonight, thanks to this Tweet from Jim Bianco, someone who is far more versed in the crisis than I am set my hair on fire:

Wait, wutttttt?

I remember watching CNBC and all the rumors about Buffett bailing out Lehman, Goldman, blah, blah, blah in 2008. He wasn’t invited to the party until Wall Street was damned near completely in flames and the entire global credit market was about to seize up, be it loans to local mom and pop shops or funding for General Electric daily operations.

So why, now that he is a “youthful” 92 freaking years old, is he even in the conversation if all is well and the banking system has been stabilized with this much Federal Reserve discount window activity?

Then regardless of who the user “FuzzyPanda” is, check out what he has dug up in these two tweets in a thread which is a MUST READ to understand that the powers that be are once again lying to everyone(shockingly again, right?):

The other key post in this thread is uh, disturbing:

I’m going to have to spitball on a few of these banks because I have no inside knowledge so all of the following is speculation based on geography and recent stock performance. The one in New Orleans could be the #61 largest bank now down 37% from its November highs and dropping last week on massive volume:

Fort Wayne is another blind dart as the only major institution headquartered there is the Star Financial Group, ranked #341 on the Federal Reserve Banking system commercial bank list. It is a private bank with over $3 billion in assets, but there are others in the area.

It would seem logical however as the recreational vehicle industry lives off a sustained credit line for manufacturing and sales. Only Warren knows the answer to this one. Same for Denver, Co as there are several candidates for that one.

Milwaukee could be Associated Banc Corp out of Green Bay, WI ($ASB) which is the #54 ranked bank in the FRB system with just over $39 billion in assets:

I have some hunches on Las Vegas, but no firm idea other than to watch those who are heavily into consumer lending and any forthcoming news releases.

What does this all mean?

One of the richest men in the world had visitors apparently from bank CEO/CFOs and God only knows who else from all over the United States to apparently attempt to sell their preferred stock or companies whole cloth. The FDIC has stated they will pick the winners and losers at the direction of the Biden regime which means that alternative bail outs will be needed in the months ahead.

Stay tuned ladies, it’s about to get a lot more interesting.

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