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The Decline and Fall of NATO and the US Military

The question facing the modern world today is not if the Ukraine war will destroy the NATO alliance, as it has, but where will this unipolar world finally have its historic moment of conflict, resulting in the disintegration of the Western allies as a hegemonic power in the world.

Edit to add 07.11:

No sooner than I did publish this article yesterday, the following story pops up on my time line overnight. Incredible:

Super Hornet on USS Truman blown off deck in Mediterranean Sea

So much for the revised “training” program for the US Navy they promised. Perhaps the deck crew responsible were too busy attending a transgender sensitivity training class to learn how to properly secure a multi-million dollar aircraft, which we are in of short supply and readiness.


The signs are everywhere inside the United States. The stories are almost daily and in no particular order, here is a sampling of the rot within America and NATO’s military:

Canada runs out of arms for Ukraine

Excerpt from the Toronto Sun:

Or at least that’s what Defence Minister Anita Anand told CBC’s Power & Politics after explaining Canada has exhausted its supplies of rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles, grenades, ammunition, sniper rifles, drone cameras and other equipment sent to Ukraine.

Cascading Issues Keeping Air Force, Navy Planes Grounded Watchdog Says

Germany Is Ready to Lead Militarily. Its Military Is Not

Army Drops Requirement for High School Diploma Amid Recruiting Crisis

Does ‘Zeitenwende’ Represent a Flash in the Pan or Renewal for the German Military?

Push to Arm Ukraine Putting Strain on US Weapons Stockpile

NATO to massively increase high-readiness forces to 300,000

Tanks, but no ammo – Germany’s Ukraine pledges show military muddle

Government defends plans to cut 10,000 British Army personnel

Army Backs off Enlisting High School Drop Outs but the Woke Cancer Killing Enlistments Remains Stronger Than Ever

Patriot Missiles Are Made in America and Fail EverywhereThe evidence is in: the missile defense system that the United States and its allies rely on is a lemon

Why Is the Army Rushing to Repaint Its Desert-Camo Vehicles Green?

Female Troops Diagnosed with STDs at ‘Markedly’ Higher Rates Than Males, Report Finds

Why nobody wants to join the Army this year

The Establishment Is Running Out of Cannon Fodder for Its Woke Military

Did it for the money: This 32-year-old joined the Army for a $300,000 dental school scholarship (JGFLA- Note, not for patriotism, to protect the nation, etc.)

Army Cuts Off More Than 60K Unvaccinated Guard and Reserve Soldiers from Pay and Benefits

American ICBM Failure Just After Takeoff Highlights Broader Issues With Strategic Nuclear Capabilities

Without becoming another one of those numerous lazy “listing” articles one sees all over the internet, let’s take the sum total of these articles and the running theme unsaid throughout them.

The United States and its NATO partners are a hollow shell. The Russian invasion of Ukraine exposed the paper tiger residing in Brussels and as such, the world has been disintegrating from the old unipolar world dictated by the theories of economic globalization and military hegemony. If a nation strayed from the path and the economic destruction of the deviant government did not work, then military options were considered and used if one thinks about the wars of the past thirty years.

None of which the United States nor NATO can declare an absolute victory in; none of them.

Thus sounding a clarion call warning when videos like this appear on social media:

Yet the United States elites actually think we would be able to go toe to toe with the Chinese Communist People’s Liberation Army in a conventional war for more than 2 weeks?

This is the fallacy of where we are America. Hard soldiers, men with war fighting experience are not re-upping and retiring or leaving in record numbers from every branch. Hell, I know a young First Lieutenant who spoke six languages and did time in Afghanistan, Iraq, Djibouti, Qatar, and all over North Africa. Yet instead of finishing out his career which he just started three years ago, he said literally to me “the hell with this.”

A sad statement indeed about the future of our ability to defend this nation.

The corporations which supply the weaponry have become nothing more than graft factories for generals who retire to become consultants and the military industrial complex to create wars to test these new weapons, vaccines, or theories regardless of cost personally to the men or the nation financially. That run of corruption however may be coming to an end.

The Russians are certainly incapable of bringing the United States alone economically or militarily unless the US and NATO are foolish enough to introduce a conventional challenge over the Kaliningrad issue. Add China and other nations to the mix, especially India and those countries in Latin America sick of US interventionist policy in the region, who decide to cooperate economically at a minimum. That puts a formula in place to destroy the dollar and militarily neuter the technological advantages our nation so proudly proclaims.

Thus the table is being set for a very distasteful risk to the future of US military hegemony in the world. Unless the US is willing to engage Communist China in a nuclear exchange, the odds are that China will successfully occupy Taiwan by the end of November or early December at the latest. Should the US elect to engage in a conventional challenge, the problems with US military readiness come to the forefront.

A Quick Summary of US Military Readiness

The Heritage Foundation publishes an annual review of US military readiness and for 2021, it was not any better than previous years despite the Trump Administration pumping billions of dollars into modernizing and expanding the forces. Unfortunately for the war hawks in the Democrat party, the lack of readiness is now on their watch and is only deteriorating.

For example, one of the headlines above referred to expanding the “high-readiness” forces for NATO to 300,000 men; yet this is the current state of the US Army’s Brigade Combat Teams as of May 2021:

After this past year’s reduction in personnel, failure to meet recruiting standards, and removal of soldiers unwilling to submit to the China Virus vaccines, odds are that number will be substantially lower for 2022.

The evaluations for capabilities and readiness outside of the US Marine Corps is much, much worse.

From Heritage’s annual review and their evaluation of the various services:

This is not going to end well or as Jesse Kelly likes to say:

Taiwan Will be America’s Adrianople

Intium mali romano imperio

The fallacy of Roman invincibility was removed in 384, A.D. The similar fallacy of American invincibility will probably be removed during our lifetime.

The weakness exhibited by the American political leadership of both parties, aka, the uniparty, has allowed an opening, albeit a small one, where the goals or removing dollar and US military hegemony over the globalist world can be accomplished in a very short period of time. The economic destruction of the United States is well underway with the dollar rising rapidly but soon to roll over as the nation’s of the world abandon the intermediary currency in favor of trade using each other’s standards instead of those set by Tokyo, Brussels, London, or Washington, DC.

The military aspect of such a confrontation however, is terrifying. Assuming my recent prediction is fulfilled:

12. China tests America’s resolve this autumn with a naval blockade of Taiwan. The United States convenes a “global(ist)” peace conference to resolve the situation. The Biden junta’s inability to resolve the situation ends with the Chinese occupying Taiwan after token resistance by the end of November.

The resulting market crash will mark the final wave down, or bottom for the bear market as China threatens to ban exports to the US if sanctions are imposed or if the US military attempts to intervene.

Meaning of course, all bets are off.

Assuming I am correct and the US under this feeble regime just offers verbal resistance with token economic consequences, it will set the world on fire and be viewed as America’s major defeat.

On the flip side is the nightmare scenario, which is not beyond the immature and unintelligent leadership junta in DC now.

Unlike a the woke US military, the Chines PLA and PLN are willing to accept reasonable losses to achieve larger goals. A unified China with all former colonies now absorbed into the Communist sphere will create a nationalist fervor and end the current political and economic relationship with the West as we know it.

Unfortunately, there is a nightmare scenario explicitly possible and the weakness of the Pentagon will be exposed. Should the war hawks convince the US to intervene in the Taiwan conflict the consequences would be dire. I predict will become America’s Adrianople, where the defeat may not cause an immediate fall of our nation, but the costs will be so high that America will be forced to withdraw from the world stage.

For example, I could easily see two US front line aircraft carriers being sunk, numerous support ships, some missile cruisers, and for the first time since World War II an effective attack on the military facilities on Guam, neutralizing the airfield and effectiveness of that location for a prolonged period of time. Should Biden and that fat fool Austin put ground troops on Taiwan before an invasion, 50% losses would not be out of the question and despite massive losses by PLA, PLAAF, and PLN forces on a relative basis, the Beijing government would still win the day.

The economic consequence of a direct military conflict are far worse. Our stock market would crash to unfathomable levels. As a result of a total Chinese embargo on all products shipped to the US, economic growth craters to a level below -5% in GDP terms while inflation soars well above 20% in the archaic CPI-U terms. While the Chinese people are used to hard times and rationing, the soft American population is not.

In the end, another of my predictions would come true after a tentative peace is established. President Biden will resign in humiliation from the election results, a dying economy, and worse, the military results of such a conflict should it occur.

The rebuilding of our military will take a decade at a minimum, regardless of engagement with China or Russia. Sadly, this will not begin until after 2024 and great pain is spread to the citizenry from sea to shining sea.

Roma cecidit, quidem.

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