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The Decline and Fall of the USA is Real (Video)

The following video is just more of a follow up to my previous posting, The Death March of America (Videos), which sadly is becoming more and more apparent in what is left of America’s war zones, aka, the major cities.

I’ve seen some depressing videos but if anyone thinks the supply chain crisis, homelessness, drug abuse, crime, internal political strife, or the economy is going to improve soon, this video below should help to dispel that myth.

Kudos to Mr. Schreiber for doing the reporting that the national media and much of his local news competition will not do. This is not a sign of just theft and homelessness; it’s an indication of a nation which has no moral compass and is adrift.

America is falling.

What scares this author is who or what rises on the other side.

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  1. ontoiran ontoiran 01/17/2022

    well, you bring all of the 3rd world shitholes in, and that’s what you become. a 3rd world shithole

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