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The Economy is Worse than We Thought (Part 1: The Videos)

I will begin this morning’s expedition into the next Great Depression, which will be far worse than 2007-2009 and possibly 1932 or 1837, by highlighting something one would never expect to see from the mainstream media during a leftist regime takeover:

Supply shortages hit store shelves, grocery stores

That story and it’s video is from of all places Disney’s ABC World News. So how bad is it really?

Let’s add a strike of 1400 workers to the mix from Kellogg’s (from WFMJ on October 6, 2021):

But of course it only gets worse.

From WNCN CBS-17 in North Carolina:

Then there is the “shrinkflation” reported over 14 years ago on this website and now widely acknowledged by the mainstream media like this story from WCCO in Minnesota:

Of course it’s getting better because Senile Joe said so, right? Not according to WTVR CBS-6 in Richmond, VA:

And the poor, the truly poor, will soon be impacted worse (From WNEM CBS-5 in Saginaw/Flint, MI):

Of course this means there is a diaper supply shortage, along with other infant supplies (From WGCL CBS-46 in Atlanta):

And yes, even a United States Mint coin shortage which yours truly has seen first hand where some stores, bars, and restaurants are refusing to provide coinage in the change for larger bills. Is this planned? You betcha, and think about what that means as this CBS Weekend News video plays:

Now why would any government allow this to happen unless they planned to force its citizens into a digital currency where hyperinflation and a national per purchase instant sales taxation program is planne for the masses?

Nah, that’s just paranoia.

And now, a true indication that the United States is migrating from a run of the mill supply chain crisis and into a potential nation dividing civil war starting revolutionary action per Fox-5 WVVU in Las Vegas:

FWIW, pork prices for the John Galt local Florida standard aka, Oscar Meyer bacon, 16 oz. package, has skyrocketed from $3.99 per lb. to well over $6.99 locally in less than one year. Don’t F*** with my bacon.

Unfortunately, children are bearing the brunt of this crisis also, as illustrated by KCNC CBS-4 Denver:

The lack of truckers which has a major impact on the US supply chain is highlighted in this story by KGUN ABC-9 in Tucson, AZ:

The next logical stop for shortages is in proteins like fresh meat across the board, and the accompanying price increases (via WISN ABC-12, Milwaukee, WI):

Even paper shortages (from WGRZ NBC-2 Buffalo, NY):

A 50.2% increase in wood pulp prices is big deal, right?

Every story blames the “labor shortage” and not the system that was designed to fail. If one thinks that this is an employee issue with an official unemployment rate of 4.8% things should be awesome, as in Lego Movie awesome, right?

Nope. From WTMJ NBC-4 in Milwaukee, WI:

I know, I know, all of these stories are just ‘noise’ according to some. The Federal Reserve Investment Hedge Fund could care less. The political elites could care less. Senile Joe & Co. could care less. I could easily post 100+ more videos. But the charts and evidence that I am dealing with on a corporate level as a consultant are coming, and it will blow everyone’s mind.

The reality that has trickled down from raw material importers, processors, semi-processed goods, and manufacturers down to the actual level where the rubber meets the road (when available) is now being felt by the proverbial masses.

As time permits during my week of upcoming crisis travels to try to recover from this supply chain disaster for my customers, who do pay me nicely to fix these things, I shall attempt between laptop and home visits to outline how all of this could indeed make the 2007-2009 “crisis” look like the good old days.

Because those were the good old days, let that sink in.

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