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The Entire U.S. Treasury Curve now has a Yield Below 1%

08.03.20 22:15 ET

I apologize up front for the delay in publishing this but for about 15 minutes and one vodka tonic, I was speechless and did not know what to write.

In my entire life as an investor, speculator, observer of life, and historian, I have never witnessed the following:

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I highlighted the 3 month and 10 year instrument as that is the lowest level for a United States Treasury curve inversion in history.

The market is in uncharted territory. Apparently the smart money does not believe the bullshit about “it’s contained” or “just wash your hands” and knows the truth. These are the indicators that a collapse is imminent. And sadly, the leadership we have inside the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative branches does not inspire a lot of confidence that any agreement will be found to save what will become the greatest depression in U.S. history.

God help us.

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