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The Fall of Western Civilization Continues (Videos)

Keep your heads in the sand sheeple and enjoy.

Not enough tasers for me.

Again, for the retards out there, if you steal a cell phone, tv, etc., the serial number requires an internet registration and when it bounces back as “stolen” the electronic item is D.O.A.

Yet they still keep coming to steal the phones and laptops.


For the record, Apple deserves it. As does every corporation keeping there stores open in major cities.

Even Target figured this out today:

Target says it will close nine stores in major cities, citing violence and theft

At some point, the capitalists have to start treating the animals like animals:

Starve them until they play by the rules.

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  1. tom tom 09/27/2023

    Will we ever regain law and order in America?! You can see this in city after city. The crime has pushed into the suburbs. This didn’t happen overnight!
    Now, we have an outright invasion coming from our southern border and nothing is being done to stop it. Best be prepared folks!

  2. LOBSTER LOBSTER 09/27/2023

    Let. It. Burn.

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