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The Nixon Phase of Biden’s Inflation Has Begun

Ah yes, the “good old days” of Archie Bunker. And of course at 1:04 into this video, Archie Bunker nails the future policy pronouncement of the Biden Junta to explain and control inflation:

Fast forward to today and boom, Bidenflation makes Nixon look like a piker after he took us off the gold standard.

America went from too much “winning” to wow, let’s all start whining in less than a year. Nice job Senile Joe! So what has President Dimentia’s propagandists come up with now?

If you are paying attention, you guessed it, let’s go 100% Full Metal Nixon (via CNN):

Should the government control the price of food and gas?

Seriously? Yeah, they are serious:

People are paying a lot more for food, gas, cars and services, and inflation isn’t over yet as the pandemic continues to distort the economy. So should governments consider setting the price of essential goods?It’s been done before, typically during times of crisis, but for most mainstream economists, the answer to this question is a resounding “no.”

Limiting how much companies can charge will distort markets, they argue, causing shortages and exacerbating supply chain problems while only temporarily reducing inflation.

Of course anyone with half a brain, including Keynesian economists who have 30% less than half a brain, disagree with this hare brained idea. Of course the rate of inflation and sharpness of the move is much more disturbing than the price realized over the past year. Thus why the panic is setting in among the political elites even if the inflationary super spike is transitory (more on that later this week) and will end with a geopolitical disaster of extreme levels.

Thus when one sees the old meme making fun of the media’s “evolution” on inflation it does not take much to realize the political reasons why:

Inflation is not painful until it impacts the political and economic lives of those in power. Richard Nixon was widely mocked for his approach to the energy shortages, inflationary super spike after taking America off the gold standard, and worse, his tin ear to the reaction of the American people.

Biden is no different.

And this penny, widely used to politically mocked Nixon may seem funny at the time, but in reality, the United States penny will soon disappear from use due to the shortages this incompetent regime has helped exacerbate.

Have no fear though, Biden will eradicate inflation by Whipping Inflation Now.


By eradicating any remaining semblance of the quarter, dime, nickel, or penny and eventually forcing everyone on to a government sponsored digital currency. All in the name of whipping inflation now, while enslaving Americans to a command and control economy with instantaneous taxation on every transaction.

Thank you Brandon.

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