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The ONLY 3 Economic Charts to Follow

Ignore the Dow.

Ignore the M2 Money Supply.

Ignore Gold and Silver (ouch).

THESE are the only three charts one needs for determining America’s economic future.

1. Natural Gas Futures:

This sucker is on a rocket ship and isn’t coming down before the rest of us. Buckle up for the Danger Zone.

2. Federal Reserve MBS Holdings:

It’s not that far of a drop to take a garden variety correction and turn it into a 2008-2009 implosion when the Fed gets serious about QT.

3. The 2’s versus 10’s US Treasury Spread:

IF, and it looks like it might, it blows through 50 basis points inverted, then all bets are off. My bet is on a depression, then again, I’m an optimist.

Enjoy earnings season and the BS rallies ladies!

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