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The PPT Opens a 2nd Front in the Financial War

As many of my readers may or may not know, I’m a cynical old SOB. I do not, have not, and will not believe in “sudden” coincidences with a corrupt Federal government and even more corrupt central banking system in charge. The Plunge Protection Team is not conspiracy nonsense, it truly exists and is a tool used by both the US Treasury Department and Federal Reserve to manipulate markets.

Or are you one of those suckers that believe in “coincidence?”

Thus when this happened today, it does not take much reason as to speculate why:

This story from CNNisFakeNews should provide some insight as to why this happened:

Financial sanctions are easier than ever for Russians to evade. Thank Bitcoin

Then, almost as if the central banksters turned to their stooges and ordered them to attack the market, boom, Bitcoin sells off massively all day long.


I think not.

Then suddenly at 3:51 p.m. ET today, more “coincidence” allegedly:

Coincidence again?

I think not, again.

So if the reserves were getting stretched attacking assets the Russians might be holding (Bitcoin/crypto) and saving the banksters so they can sell their crap stocks to willing BTFD idiots, what markets did the PPT not have time to manipulate today?

Coincidence again?

I think probably not. The PPT’s resources are getting stretched.

This does not even mention the grain complex, base metals, and worse, energy complex where RBOB Unleaded Gas prices at the wholesale level are barely trailing actual pump prices in some places by as little as 30 cents.

The pain is about to be spread far and wide and the question no one ever thought to ask may, unfortunately for the average American, about to be answered:

What happens when the PPT loses the war?

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