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The Treasury Market “Oh Shit” Moment has Arrived

The infallibility of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States has now been called into question with the reality that most observers and serious investors view them as circus clowns run by a part time hedge fund manager with no real plan of how to deal with macroeconomic reality.

Tonight, with the re-opening of US Treasury trading in Asia and in the futures markets, it can only be assumed that the “oh shit” moment has arrived:

This is not a moment to panic in equity markets; yet.

The pump and dump used car salesmen/women/cissomethings CNBSFBNBBG crew will say “look at the great earnings” to help you buy their crap which they are overextended in, despite the fact that most are still, 12 years after the accounting manipulation later, pure unadulterated bullshit when calculated for inflation and actual valuations of the underlying assets.

Thus here we are again, with the economy and markets changing so fast most investors will barely have time to put their cup on for protection.

2007 on steroids but worse.

1999 getting some sort of sexuality altering surgery to adjust to its moods.

1929 being dug up and given some Chinese Communist zombie resuscitating drug.

The liquidity drain plus geopolitical events and the upcoming domestic upheavals will sooner, rathater than later, create the ultimate crash.

Screw gold

Got ammo?

I can hear the music cranking up now:

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