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The Truth Behind Electric Cars

To be quite honest, I doubt that I am the first or last person to author an article like this. The problem is that the newfound prevalence of EV’s (Electric Vehicles) should start to cause anyone with one ounce of common sense to start asking questions.

Let’s start with the easy one:

If these vehicles are so great, so efficient, so good for Mother Gaia, why is the government having to subsidize, regulate and promote them so much?

In reality think about that before you Tesla freaks start preaching to me. The current maximum effective (an important word) range is between 200 to 330 miles for EV’s. Yet the media and propaganda advertising preaches it like one can just hop into an electric car and drive up into the mountains without any worry.

Of course that is possible if there is a WaWa with a charging station at the base of the mountain range, but I digress. Thus begging the second question:

Why the limitations on range?

Toyota shattered this myth with their new rapid charging battery system which would dominate if allowed to come into the market:

Toyota’s Newly Revealed EV Plans Include 900-Mile Batteries

But why does range matter? Most gasoline powered vehicles can drive anywhere from 350-400 miles before refueling which takes minutes. If Toyota were to succeed with this vehicle does it change the formula? Not if the formula is not truly clean energy and preserving Mother Earth from those evil oil companies.

This brings us to the next question, why the “forced” change to these vehicles?

To get a hint about this within the Great Reset question, one only has to look to this article via EuroNews:

Short-haul ban: These European countries could soon see the end of domestic flights


Last week France officially introduced its ban on short-haul flights.

The final version of the law means that journeys which can be taken in under 2.5 hours by train can’t be taken by plane. There also needs to be enough trains throughout the day that travellers can spend at least eight hours at their destination.

Clement Beaune, the country’s Transport Minister, called the measures an “essential step and a strong symbol in the policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions”.


If one is to believe that, then why not restrict electric car movements which require more electrical production, usually involving natural gas, diesel, or that evil nuclear power? Or is there more to this and the EV’s than meets the eye.

Another hint as to what this is all about is a “modification” to all US internal combustion vehicles which sailed through the Uniparty (that’s Democrats and Republicans for those overseas) and will become part of motor vehicle production in the 2025 model year:

Automakers must install technology in new cars to combat drunk driving, Congress mandates


The “safety” feature is designed to put and allow a government controlled kill switch in every vehicle and notify the authorities of a potential drunk driver. However, kill switches are already installed on every EV via satellite and cellular control for updates, notifications, and self-driving features; which also can be obtained and controlled by the government be it for restrictions on driving or per mile taxation.

The truth if one looks at the big picture, is that the wealthy who can “buy” their way out of the most restrictive countries will have the ability to do so be it via a carbon tax, carbon passport, or participation in a “green” program which allows a percentage of all travel credits to be shared with other nations. Thus they can also buy their way out of having an “active” restriction on their vehicles barring irregular safety concerns or behavior of those wealthy drivers.

The United States via its big banks are already signed on to this. The largest banks, especially JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs have been designing and modernizing the carbon credit market for over a decade (as I outlined on my 2009 radio shows) and now are cashing in on the “new social order” as hinted at in this Tweet below:

Thus if the propagandized media can not scare the sheeple into buying into their crap, they chose the route of government mandates with Europe to fall first, America and Canada next. But why is this so important beyond the profit motive?


Imagine having the ability to limit people from Florida visiting people in Tennessee or Illinois. Controlling the information flow and commerce to a point where freedoms are paid for by the mile and those that can not can only live and exist within a 300 mile bubble or less. Add in the fact that when the full transition is mandated, gasoline taxes will make the tobacco tax look like a bargain to “force” the holdouts into converting and almost all freedom of movement will be lost.

Welcome to the Great Reset boys and girls. All promoted by hucksters with smiling faces and false promises of a great future. No different than those promises sold to the “proletariat” in 1925 Russia.

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  1. PeteForester1 PeteForester1 07/05/2023

    This has been the thing all along. It isn’t that “They” don’t want you driving an ICE car. “They” don’t want you driving AT ALL! …I’ve been saying this for years…

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