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The Tucker Carlson – Vladimir Putin Interview: A Historian’s Perspective

Before I begin a quick review of Tucker’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, I wish to counter the current Western, including the US narrative of how dare Mr. Carlson interview a “dictator” like President Putin.

Please review the following historical interviews by journalists and consider what has just happened.

Record of Conversation from Chairman Mao Zedong’s Meeting with Edgar Snow

POL POT: UNREPENTANT An Exclusive Interview By Nate Thayer, Far Eastern Economic Review October 30, 1997

I could go on, and on, and on, and on about interviews by US media fawning over and interviewing dictators and horrible leaders as perceived by the US government for page after page but one gets the idea. It is a historical reality thus one has to ask, why the massive, adverse reaction from every aspect of American media?

Abby Phillip(CNN) breaks down Tucker Carlson’s lies about news coverage of Russia

Perhaps it is because they can not and do not control the narrative as dictated by the US government and the uniparty in power now. Love him or hate him, Tucker Carlson will interview anyone, anywhere, even if they are a nation’s leader or some moonbat human trafficker.

Thus here is the link to the interview or my readers can watch it here via his X feed:

And now for my review on this interview for my readers, which is after all why one comes here to read my pontifications.

The beginning of the interview highlights a view of Ukrainian history from the Russian perspective. Regardless of whether or not one agrees with this perspective, those individuals who reside east of Poland generally believe the statements that President Putin presented tonight.

Throughout the interview, many statements were made which continued to blame Stalin and Stalinism for the problems and sins of Russia’s past. This theme is obvious be it a presentation on foreign policy discussions on relations with the West or problems perceived to be part of Russian domestic politics.

The perspective that Russia-NATO/US relations are at an all time low reminiscent of the Cold War was obvious. The blame for the Nordstream pipeline was all but laid at the feet of the CIA and US intelligence services via Putin’s use of KGB-newspeak, something that those of us remember from the 1970’s and 80’s. Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was singled out as the Western representative who sabotaged the Turkish peace talks with Ukraine and now the Kiev regime is viewed as nothing more than a satellite state of Washington, DC.

In an indirect reference to the Fourth Turning, President Putin reminisces over the duration of the fall of Rome and how the current era accelerates the geopolitical changes everyone is witnessing now. The new economic regime of the BRICS, especially Russia’s excellent relations with China, is now in the forefront for the American audience who have ignored a decade of news from other parts of the globe.

Vladimir Putin’s perspective of the Eastern Orthodox religion were quite disingenuous and sounded more like the programmed diatribe one would hear from Soviet agents in the 1980’s. While highlighting the history or religious tolerance of the Soviet Union, Russia from his perspective, he also promoted the values versus the Western ideology of this era.

The major warning from this conversation was the apparent need for an international discussion on the development of genetic and artificial intelligence for military purposes. Putin indicated this need without directly saying so, but if one is familiar with the past, this was a direct statement of warning to the West that this had best come to the forefront of diplomacy, and soon.

Overall it was an informative interview, nothing that will shake the history books but will finally provide the average American with a chance to hear the Russian perspective on economics and current events. While one does not have to agree with everything he says, much like the days of listening to Joe Adamov on the old Radio Moscow World Service of the USSR, the statements and opinions are critically important to the future of peace and stability for the future.

Unless America, and the West, insists on committing the mistakes of the past, which put the planet at the brink earlier just forty or so years ago.

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