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The ULTIMATE Economic Hit: Target-America… Patient Condition: CRITICAL

By John Galt

April 14, 2006

First and foremost, yes, this is another editorial. I came back from a camping trip one day early to beat the traffic and heal up the snakebite and mosquito bites but it was nice to get away from it all for 3 days. I took my Eton E-10, two sets of AA Ni-Cads, my solar recharger and said, “OK smartypants, let’s rough it”. Well, I did. It was worth it. I was able to read a book, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins, listen to he who may not be mentioned and many other programs on my shortwave to stay up with curent affairs as a lack of information could be fatal in our current times.

So first, my review of the book. 2/3 of this book are what I would consider a “must read” to understand what is about to happen. The final part is no confession but the ravings of a senile hippy blaming Bush for the death of everything from the farting kookla bird in Ecuador to a skin rash on natives in Indonesia (Okay, so I took poetic license, but you do get MY SARCASTIC POINT, I hope). I would buy the paperback, read it, then think about this editorial I’m about to write. Right, wrong, or indifferent, there is something reminiscent of what happened to all these third world nations and what is happening here…..

So here we are. One day before we are required to send our “tribute” to the emperor, in the vain attempt to be “un-noticed” yet conformist yet part of society.

I won’t get into the discussion of the validity of the income tax, or even daring to resist. Hell, unless you have two divisions of USMC hardcore men, I wouldn’t even recommend discussing not paying. But think about the tribute. You pay much like the farmers and “citizens” of ancient Rome in exchange for what? Protection. But now you expect protection from getting old, corns, toe fungus, the urge to do illegal drugs or rehab from them, or, “gasp” coming here illegally thus entitling you to the benefits of, uh, er, my money.

So what does this have to do with an economic hit?

Everything. For over a century, American elected to be the dominant power in the world. Even in the depths of our Civil War, foreigners wanted to come here because they saw that freedom was to be our ultimate gift to history. No, not the concept, but actual freedom, the kind where you could move here, buy 20 acres, start your own farm, business or practice the religion of your choice. And as long as you didn’t take a major crap on your neighbor or cost them money or hardship, it was a carry on kind of attitude, live and let live.

Then, after World War II and the Korean disaster, America’s empire builders thought they had it all figured out by using the Cold War as an “us against them” all bets are off, type of world proposition. Sadly, the Soviets were ****ed good at this and held a lot of our ideals in check for decades. Then, with a brilliance unforeseen in human history, the creation of the corporatocracy came about. Eisenhower warned about this with the evolution of the “military industrial complex” but we were innocent then, enjoying an economic prosperity unseen since the peak of Roman civilization. This corporatocracy laid a plan down to check Communism and expand it’s reach by stealing the world blind in the name of “helping the poor” and other such novel ideals.

Well, that idea is coming home to roost. Does anyone find Perkins ideals (for those that read the book) peculiar at best? He rails against the very corporatocracy that gave him millions, yet aligns himself with the extreme left. IMHO, he’s a dupe, and we are also.

The Corporatocracy has pulled the ultimate coup and it only took about 25 to 30 years to pull off.

America, deeply wounded, is now lying on the operating table, the victim of an EHM (Economic Hit Man). But, but, but you cry out, the book never mention America as a target. That’s because he conveniently exhumed the history of the 1980’s and 1990’s from his book, in an economic manner.

How? The ultimate, most successful economic hit man, is the one and only, Alan Greenspan. Oh great you might say. JGfla (my TB2K alter-ego) is suffering from SGIADBSI (Swamp gas inhalation and bovine scatology infection). Nope. Let’s just play along so I have a reason to continue to write this editorial.

Let’s all suppose that after getting enough scalps that the world became wise to our bankers (EHMs) and the going got tough. Instead of raping the various banks and us suckers, er, taxpayers, for billions each year, it got skinny. The EHMs thanked one James Earl Carter for being a moron and a goody-goody so they had to get more ambitious. So what was next? Well, they had tasted shrimp, lobster and crabs. Why not eat some elephant?

So how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. First, you hire a master chef. This master chef cuts up and makes the elephant taste good, keeping it alive and thinking that it’s perfectly healthy. Last year, this chef retired, and the elephant, despite having only a torso and the ability to produce, uh, er, “waste” products (after all, I can’t get that crude here), it was on life support. That’s right, the American elephant is being and has been eaten alive.


Well, let’s think. Massive international treaties designed to export capital and jobs.

Taxpayer financed programs to relocate American corporations overseas.

Banks allowed to become “multinationals” to promote profitability instead of safety for American depositors.

A pyramid scheme build on the CNBsC model and allowed to flourish by substituting the weak stocks in the S&P or NASDAQ with stronger ones to maintain the illusion of growth, despite the reality.

And lastly, the stealing of America’s retirements. To keep things viable, fake numbers and promotion are used to keep you duped into investing beyond your wildest dreams and noting fictional profits that never occur because if you do cash out, the transaction is nothing more than a bunch of bits and bytes hitting your fiat account in the same banks stealing from you.

In the mean time, the prototype Economic Hit is to put a nation so far in debt to the United States that we maintain political and economic control over that nation. So what happens when the American hit man is hired overseas to destroy our nation? Let’s take a quick look at Alan “Irrational Exuberance” Greenspan. IN the brief time in history he was in charge of the Imperial economy, he produced a debt load greater than all of the capitalist nations combined since economic history has been considered in that vein. Government, corporate, and personal debt have exceeded any realistic concept of being paid back. DO YOU own the $400,000 in your household that the ChiComs could demand in payback? Never-mind, don’t answer that here, if you say yes, you’ll get a visit from “the man” or worse.

See my point? Our government and it’s corporatocracy have succeeded in destroying the most successful experiment in freedom in history. If you think for one moment we will be free in the coming decades, you’re on crack. Not only will the world demand payment for our bills we owe, but it will demand payment WITH INTEREST! Think about that. IF we owe 10 trillion dollars, add 5% compounded, then find the money. It doesn’t exist. It can’t be created.

Welcome to 1931 Weimar Republic of Germany, American style. I can not stress enough, putting fiat dollars under the mattress is useless. You must prep as you are in the Wyoming frontier in the 1870’s.

Capitalism is about to take a major black eye and possibly go extinct for a while. All because a bunch of old farts wanted to retire as billionaires and extreme multi-millionaires at the expense of a nation.

So like Ecuador, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Guatemala, we are about to become the largest Banana Republic in the history of time.

Are you ready? Because unless you lived in 1879, I doubt you are. I’m not, but I’ll do the best I can.

I pray that you can conceptualize that idea too.

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