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The Undeclared War on Gold and Oil

One might just ask a very logical question:

Who and how does one declare war on inanimate objects?

If it means the end of Western hegemony, that’s a very easy answer.

First and foremost, the great central banksters of the West declared war on real money. They don’t want other nations using their own currencies so they decided to teach Russia a lesson and destroy their own currency, the Ruble. Of course that has started to fail so then the decision was made to not allow Russia’s war premium of their holdings to become profitable for Putin.

The result?

Unfortunately for the Fed, Bank of England, Bank of Canada, ECB, Japan, etc., gold has no borders much like the digital currencies. Thus why the mission to destroy the value of gold of which Russia has hundreds of billions of dollars in reserve began.

Then the war on oil followed in short order.

The West figured out that crude oil and petroleum products was another currency which Russia could profit from and of course, the War on Oil began.

Obviously the Biden regime was never going to allow Putin to profit from this war but the plan may well be backfiring as the Ruble’s recovery is happening just as Russia will demand payment for petroleum products with the Russian currency. The European Union is trying to play this off as a non-starter, but once the natural gas and oil stops, their tune might well change as the economic costs to their domestic economies begins to pile up.

The war on gold and oil will continue throughout the military conflict only to suppress prices using whatever means necessary while attempting to financially destroy Moscow. Unfortunately for the west, these tangible assets are not fiat currencies nor derivatives of the central bankster’s universe.

Stay tuned as this conflict accelerates and the war on real money runs parallel to the war on Kiev.

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