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Tone Deaf British Elite Says Inflation is Bad so get a Better Job and Work More Hours

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The pages of this blog rarely get into the “class warfare” discussion because that is a tool of the communists to divide and conquer the original system set up in the United States and many Western nations to preserve capitalism and the freedoms associated with economic freedom. Granted, the West has drifted far from the original system into a command and control government-corporate cabal, but idiots like the Safeguarding Minister Rachel Maclean in the United Kingdom make it oh so hard for the defenders of the old system:


To paraphrase for the bandwidth video impaired, via the UK Daily Mail article:

A Government minister was slammed today for saying people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis will be able to work longer or simply get a better-paid job.  

Safeguarding Minister Rachel Maclean said that long term the Government wanted people to be able to find better-paid work, or take on extra hours to make more money.

The comments come against a backdrop of soaring inflation, rising energy bills and high prices at the petrol pumps.

These are the same assclowns who think the World Economic Forum is a great idea, the Great Reset is a better one, and that your freedoms are negotiable to maintain constant profit levels for their business partners.

With idiots like these in charge it is little wonder why the communists are making a resurgence in the world.

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